17 FEBRUARY 2018

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What are the start times?

Please refer to the specific event information page here

Where can I find specific information for my event?

Please refer to the specific event course page here.

Is there compulsory equipment?

No, there is no compulsory equipment. However, while we will have plenty of aid stations on all course options, we advise (as we would with any off-road event) that you come prepared with your own supplies. We recommend bringing your own hydration-pack complete with liquid (minimum 2 litres), food, thermal top and a basis first aid kit.

What is at an aid station and where are they?

An aid station is a location on course where you can restock on fluids (and food depending on which station you’re at). Loaded Isotonic Sports Drink and water will be at every aid station. You will also find a basic first aid kit, Vaseline and sunscreen. All aid stations will be managed by an event marshal who will be your first point of assistance should you need it.

Read more about the aid stations for your specific event here.